Yevpatoria, Russia


Evpatoria is a historical balneological resort in the west of the Crimean peninsula. Sandy beaches and a shallow sea set the children's and family focus of the seaside resort, while coastal lakes with salts and mud are health-improving. At the same time, in addition to resort entertainment, in the Old Town you can find historical, educational and even ethnographic sights. This is perhaps the only city of the former USSR where the urban environment inherited from the Ottoman Empire has been preserved, along with several first-class monuments of Turkish architecture. Evpatoria was and probably still is the largest Karaite city in the world, and at least the material side of this closed religion can be seen in the city. 



The city is located on the coast of the northern part of the Kalamitsky Bay. The borders of Evpatoria from the west are roughly limited by Lake Moinaki, and in the southeast by the floods of several lakes, including Sasyk-Sivash. The latter are separated from the sea by a narrow strip of land - Peresyp, which ends with the next resort town of Saki.

The central part of the city can be conditionally divided into the following areas:

The resort or sanatorium zone - from the Gorky embankment to Lenin Avenue, in the western part there is a total concentration of sanatoriums, to the east is the Duvanovskaya pedestrian street, which goes from the embankment to the theater. The most significant architectural dominants of the embankment are the Church of St. Elijah, the Juma-Jami mosque and the St. Nicholas Cathedral.
Center - from Lenin Avenue to the north to the railway tracks, in the west to about. Moinaki, in the east to the borders of the Old City (approximately up to Dm. Ulyanov Street)
Old Town - from the embankment of Valentina Tereshkova (from Duvanovskaya street to the tram circle) inland to Internatsionalnaya street and a little further
Peresyp - a narrow strip of land from the tram circle to the village of Coastal.

Other areas of the city, lying behind the railway inland from the coast, are of no interest to travelers from any point of view.

Tourist information center  , st. Tuchina, 1/2. ☎ +7 (36569) 2-79-79. Also in the garden of Karavaev, opposite the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, there is another small information stall.

Numerous tents are scattered around the city selling excursions throughout the Crimea. Excursion double-deckers drive around the city, excursions by car are organized for demanding customers - both can be found in the area of ​​the tourist center or opposite St. Nicholas Cathedral.

Getting in

By plane
There is no own airport in Evpatoria, all planes fly to Simferopol airport. You can get from the airport to Evpatoria by taxi, either from the bus station near the terminal building, or by Simferopol public transport to get to the railway station stop, from where strictly on schedule, every 5-10 minutes in summer and 10-15 minutes in autumn. spring period, regular intercity buses "Simferopol-Evpatoria" depart. The distance from the airport to the city is about 50 km, due to road repairs and traffic jams in traditional problem areas, the time by taxi or car can be about 1.5 hours, the cost of a taxi is 1100-1200 rubles (2019).

By train
There is currently no long-distance rail connection. Several times a day, with a long lunch break, there are electric trains from Simferopol (less than 2 hours on the way, a full ticket is about 120 rubles (2019), 50% discount for students, free for pensioners), through Saki (45 minutes on the way).

Railway station, st. International, 126. ☎ +7 (36569) 5-14-11, +7 (36569) 9-11-34. 8:00–20:00. At the station there is a service center, a left-luggage office (7:00–20:00, break 12:00 - 13:00), rest rooms, and a waiting room.

By bus
There are year-round flights to almost all major cities of Crimea. Intercity communication with major cities of Russia in the summer is well established, and from September to May, part of intercity and international flights reach only the central bus station of Simferopol. The fare from Simferopol to Evpatoria is about 200 rubles (2019), travel time is 1.5 hours. E-tickets can be purchased on the carrier's website

Quite frequent are commuter flights to the west: Vitino, Zaozernoye, Molochnoye, Mirny, Novoozernoye, Romashkino, Chernomorskoye, Uyutnoye.

Bus station, st. Internatsionalnaya, 124 (250 m from the railway station). ☎ +7 (36569) 6-16-90. 05:00 - 22:00. A spacious two-story building with a waiting room on the ground floor and lounges open 24/7 on the second. Luggage storage (60 rubles, 5:00–19:00, break 12:00–13:00). There are several cafes nearby that look unsightly, but you can definitely find some simple food there.

On the ship
Between Evpatoria and the Turkish city of Zonguldak, a cargo-and-passenger ferry ran for a long time. Flights were discontinued in the first half of the 2010s.

Marine station, pl. Sailors, 1.



The tram is the most popular means of transportation around the city for both locals and visitors. There are four routes in the city. Contactless cards are more designed for long-term use by local residents; one-time trips of visitors are paid to the conductor. Trams start moving at 6 am and enter the depot at 11 pm. The fare is 18 rubles. (2019). The historic trams are a local attraction in their own right, and on route 2, riding a retro tram can be considered fun.

Shuttle taxi
Minibuses (medium buses) in the city move according to the schedule, with an interval of 8-10 minutes. The routes are arranged in such a way that you can get to any point in the city with a maximum of one transfer. The fare is 17 rubles, the operating time is from 06:00 to 21:00.

Taxi in Evpatoria is more than enough. As practice shows, it may not be necessary to call a car through a service: a car can easily be caught on the street. The fare is from 100 rubles. anywhere in the city. During the summer, the fare may increase several times, especially at night, when other public transport does not work.

✦  Taxi Maxim. ☎ +7(978)709-99-99. The most common taxi in the city. The online application works very badly, so it's easier to call the operator. Despite the different fleet of branded cars on the streets of the city, when calling, you can easily run into a dead passenger car, and the requests to the car operator will be forgotten.
✦  Grand Taxi. ☎ +7(978)225-30-00.

The city government actively supports cyclists, but there are still few bike paths in the city. Although there are a lot of bike parking - they are available at the entrance to all major shopping centers, supermarkets and shops - but still not enough, so you have to park where you can. Bicycle rental in the city is provided by several private entrepreneurs in the area of \u200b\u200bthe Passage-2 shopping center.



Old city
The main attractions are located in the historical part of Evpatoria and are actually combined into an interesting walking route "Little Jerusalem". Periodically, there are monuments for every taste and color: from the classic Lenin, Tokarev, Duvan to the original Janitor with a broom and an ambiguous monument to a plumber in overalls open over his naked body and the inscription “Giving Life”.

1  ☆ Juma-Jami Mosque (Khan-Jami), st. Revolution, 36 (near the park named after Karaev). ✉ ☎ 34 63 +7 (978) 049 34 63 Fri 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, duration 30-40 min. Juma-Jami was laid in Gezlev in 1552 by Khan Devlet I Gerai according to the design of the Ottoman architect Khoja Sinan (1489-1588). The mosque was built for a long time, until 1564, and then it was remade and restored a lot. The lost minarets were restored in 1985. Architecturally, the mosque is organized according to the principle of increasing volumes. The load-bearing parts of the cathedral are made of limestone, but the predominant material is shell stone. The mosque is a central domed building, close to a square in plan, with two minarets from the west and from the east. Two tiers of infrequent windows illuminate two-story side galleries covered with flat domes three in a row. The central hall, about 22 m high, is covered by a powerful dome with 16 windows.
2  Tekiye dervishes  , st. Karaeva, 18. ☎ 33 01 +7 (978) 794 33 01. Excursions are held every even hour from 10:00 to 18:00, 150 rubles, duration 30 minutes. Occasionally, performances are held for tourists - dervish dances, 400 rubles, 1 hour, the date and time can be found by phone or from an announcement at the entrance to the tekie. Tekie dervishes, a monastery of mendicant Muslim monks, built in the 15th-16th centuries, is the only such monument that has survived to this day in its original form on the territory of the former USSR. There are 3 buildings in the complex: the tekie itself, the mosque and the madrasah. The tekiye building resembles a square in plan. Its height is about 20 m. Due to the cut corners, its upper part turns into an octahedron, crowned with a powerful dome 9.5 m in diameter, it is covered with a tiled roof. Inside, along the perimeter, there were one-story vaulted cells of dervishes: dark and cramped rooms with an earthen floor. The lancet doorways of all the cells face the hall, and only one cell (possibly the sheikh of the community) has a separate exit to the outside. At the end of the XVIII century. a small mosque of Shukural Efendi was added to the tekie, from which only the walls and a partially collapsed minaret near the eastern wall survived. The rectangular building of the mosque was of a hall type with modest interiors. Next to the mosque is the building of the madrasah, where, after restoration, the museum of the Crimean Tatar culture is located.
3 Turkish baths, st. Krasnoarmeiskaya, 20. Tours are held at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, duration 20 minutes. 80 rub. Turkish baths of the 16th century. In those distant times, there were 5 public and several hundred private baths. Only one complex of Turkish baths has reached our time, which worked until 1987, that is, about 500 years. Now the monument is partially restored.

4  ☆ Karaim kenasses, st. Karaimskaya, 68. ✉ ☎ +7 (36569) 3-30-35. 10:00-20:00 (winter: 12:00-17:00), Sat: from 12:00. The Big and Small Kenasses (prayer houses of the Karaites) were built at the beginning of the 19th century according to the design of Samuil and Solomon Babovich. In 1805, the construction of the Great Cathedral Kenesa was completed, and in 1815, the building of the Small Kenesa was erected on the site of the old Karaite temple of the 16th century. These are double-height hall-type buildings with windows located on two levels. In the Large Kenasse, the upper row of windows has an lancet ending, in the Small one it is semicircular. The northern facades of the buildings are framed by glazed arched galleries-verandas (“azara”), where the service of the elders of the Karaite community was expected to begin. Entrances in the form of lancet arches, decorated with stone carvings. The roof of the buildings is tiled four-pitched. The enfilade is formed by three graceful courtyards: the first one starts from the main entrance, whose magnificent Renaissance portal and elaborate wrought-iron gates were built in 1900, and looks like a corridor in blind arcades. Above - a gazebo, entwined with grapes (the oldest vine is about 150 years old), in niches and on pylons, slabs of white Italian marble with quotations from the Holy Scriptures and the names of donors. There is also a marble obelisk in memory of Emperor Alexander I's visit to the kenasses. There is a fountain in one of the niches. The next, almost square in plan, courtyard is framed by a marble arcade and paved with marble slabs, followed by a waiting courtyard with benches and entrances to kenasses. This is followed by a small garden with a metal gazebo and pomegranate bushes, revered by the Karaites as a sacred plant, since the pomegranate fruit contains 613 grains, according to the number of Torah commandments. The complex houses a small museum of Karaite culture and a cafe of Karaite cuisine "Karaman".

5  ☆ St. Nicholas Cathedral, st. Tuchina, 2. The cathedral is the second largest in the Crimea after the Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese. It is designed for two thousand visitors. The cathedral was founded in 1893 in memory of the liberation of the city during the Crimean War and is decorated with three types of crosses: St. George on the fence (representing the military prowess of the fallen in the Crimean War), Byzantine on the columns (emphasizing that the Evpatoria Cathedral is a miniature copy of St. Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul) and Russian Orthodox on domes.

6  Greek Church of St. Elijah, st. Brothers Buslaev, 1 (on the embankment). The church was erected in 1911-1918 by the city architect A. L. Heinrich in the Greco-Byzantine style, so the plan looks like a cross. The walls are made of sawn shell rock. Details of the facades are worked out large and concise. The building stands on a high plinth, thanks to which, despite its small size, it looks more impressive. The dome rests on an octagonal drum with edges ending in a pediment. Fine pilasters, semicircular arches and triple stained-glass windows serve as decoration. On the east side there is a five-sided apse, the main entrance is designed in the form of an arch resting on two semi-columns. The three-tiered bell tower rises above the main dome. The lamp in the temple burns a living fire, delivered from a temple in the Greek city of Zakynthos.

7 Synagogue Yegie Kapay, st. Prosmushkina, 34. ☎ +7 (36569) 2-36-63. The only surviving Jewish religious building in Evpatoria. It was built in 1911-1912 according to the project of the architect A.L. Genikhan with the money of the Evpatoria City Duma and local artisans, therefore the second name of the synagogue is “Craft”.

Armenian Church of Surb Nikoghayos (Saint Nicholas), st. International, 44. ☎ +7 (36569) 3-3856. One of the oldest churches in the city was built with the money of the Armenian community from 1817 to 1830. It is located on the place where once there was an Armenian quarter.

Gate of Kezlev, st. Karaeva, 10. The main fortress gate of the medieval Kezlev, built at the end of the 15th century. They were destroyed in 1959 and then rebuilt in 2004. Inside the gate there is now a private museum dedicated to the medieval period of the city's history.

✦  Karizes. An ancient aqueduct built presumably in the 15th-14th centuries by Armenians. It is a system of corridors (kyariz), which has several branches that go far beyond the city. Corridors passed under the courtyards of houses, and in each courtyard there was a well through which water from the karez was raised to the surface. Now the karezes are in a deplorable state and are not accessible for visiting. There are entrances to them in some private households, they are littered and filled with sewage, poured into them by local residents.


Resort area

Gorky Embankment and Duvanovskaya pedestrian street are the main place of tourist life, especially in the evening.

10  The settlement of Kerkinitida. Kerkinitida is a site of ancient settlement founded by the Greeks on the territory of Evpatoria around 553-483 BC. The core of the city was located in the central part of the modern city between - st. Duvanovskaya, seaport and embankment. The Primorsky sanatorium and the central children's clinical sanatorium just occupy this territory, which makes it impossible to inspect most of the settlement.
As a result of excavations in the area between the Quarantine Cape and Lake Moinaki, agricultural estates of Kerkinitida were discovered. The most significant of them were found on the territory of the modern boarding house "Rodnichok" and the sanatorium "Solnechny" (near Lake Moinakskoye). The necropolis was also explored - the cemetery of Kerkinitida (with an area of 30 hectares), now completely built up with residential areas.

Kerkinitida was captured by the Scythians in the II century. BC, who owned it until the II-III centuries. AD The city was mentioned by such ancient authors as Hecateus of Miletsky, Herodotus, Pliny the Elder, Pompey Mela, Claudius Ptolemy.

Of the fragments of the ancient city that have survived to this day, the most easily accessible are:
Glass pyramid, st. Duvanovskaya (opposite the Museum of Local Lore). Near the museum of local lore, a part of the foundation of the wall of ancient Kerkinitida was discovered. A glass pyramid was installed above the excavations, through which you can see ancient vessels and utensils.
Pavilion with the remains of the wall of Kerkinitida (at the very end of Gorky Embankment, behind all the stalls with souvenirs). You can see a section of the wall of Kerkinitida in the form of two large fragments.

Cottage "Alpine rose". A country house built in 1910, in the design of which carved wooden decorations are actively used, is a rare thing among the stone buildings of the embankment.



14  Memorial "Krasnaya Gorka", corner of Pobeda Avenue and st. 9th May. Memorial complex, a place of memory for the victims of Nazism in the city. Here are buried the victims of the German occupiers - the executed residents of Evpatoria. Only after the Evpatoria landing in 1942, the Germans shot 3,000 Evpatorians here.
15  Moinakskoe Lake (Moinaki). The lake that glorified Evpatoria as a balneological resort. The depth of the lake is from 45 centimeters to one meter. The bottom is almost completely covered with a layer of liquid mud used for medicinal purposes. Until 2011, the city's main mud bath, Moinaki 16, operated; later it was closed and the building was looted.
17  Monument to Russian soldiers who died during the assault on Evpatoria on February 17, 1855, st. named after the 2nd Guards Army. A rare monument to a lost battle: in February 1855, Russian troops unsuccessfully tried to storm Evpatoria. Three years later, the city community erected a marble obelisk in memory of the Russian soldiers who died during the assault in the very place where an attempt was made to break through.

18  Monument to the Yevpatoriya landing force, 58th km of the Simferopol-Yevpatoria highway, near the pier, at the entrance to the city. Mass grave of the participants of the Evpatoria landing.


What to do

✦  Excursion route "Little Jerusalem". Wikidata element 500 rubles for all objects, valid for 7 days, it is possible to purchase tickets for individual objects. Passes through the restored old part of the city, including the main attractions of the city. It demonstrates how different confessions coexist peacefully in a small area: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. With a quick step, the route can be completed in 10-15 minutes, and you can start it from the church of St. Nicholas.
Mineral water pump room. Mon-Sat 8:00-10:00, 12:00-14:00, 16:00-18:00, Sun 9:00-15:00. For free. Water from a warm mineral spring.

Museum of Local Lore, st. Duvanovskaya, 11/2. ☎ +7 (36569) 31280, +7 (36569) 62681. 10:00–17:30. 150 rubles, excursion - additional 500 rubles. The main and most interesting city museum. Located in the former mansion of the merchant Yu.M. Gelelovich, built in the Moorish style in 1912. Exhibited objects of archeology, numismatics, porcelain, old books and works of art. The diorama "Landing of the Yevpatoriya landing on January 5, 1942" was opened.
Museum of the History of the Crimean War, st. Revolutions, 61. 10:00–17:00, Wed - day off. 120 rub. A tiny museum (only two rooms) allows you to see exhibits from the Crimean War: six cast iron and bronze cannons, flags of all countries participating in hostilities, as well as weapons, cannonballs, anchors, household items, fragments of soldier's uniforms. Among the exhibits is a large-scale relief image of the English battleship Henry IV, which was lost in a severe storm on November 14, 1854.
Museum "Pirates of the Black Sea", st. Revolution, 56 (opposite the Museum of the History of the Crimean War). ☎ +7 (978) 854-71-23. Tue–Sun 11:00–18:00, tour lasts 25 minutes. The museum is decorated in the style of an old ship, one of the rooms is a treasury, the other is a sailor's cabin. The exhibition presents marine archaeological finds, weapons, utensils, ancient coins, antique jewelry, fragments of sunken ships, personal belongings of sailors.
Museum-pharmacy of the pharmacist A.I. Rofe, st. Karaeva, 4 (in the building of pharmacy No. 43). ☎ +7 (36569) 3-04-85. 9:00–18:00, available at any hour during the working part of the pharmacy. For free. The museum is open in an old building built in 1897 by the pharmacist Rofe on the site of the oldest pharmacy in Crimea, founded in 1823. Crockery, hand-held equipment and mechanisms used in the manufacture of medicines of those years, price lists and advertising of various medicines, as well as furniture that stood here during the first owner are demonstrated. There is no guide in the museum, but each exhibit has a plaque with a description.
Postal Museum, st. Karaeva, 6 (in the current post office No. 14). Collection of archival materials on the history of the postal service. Vintage stamps and envelopes. Jan 2020 edit
✦  Museum "Gate of Kezlev", st. Karaeva, 10 (in the building of the Kezlev gate). ☎ +7 (36569) 4-33-33, +7 (978) 702-85-96. summer 9:00–20:00, winter 9:00–17:00. Adult 80 rubles, children 60 rubles. Minimum group 2-4 people. The basis of the exposition is the layout of the Kezlevskaya fortress (dimensions 5 mx 9 m), which recreates the entire medieval city.
✦  Crimean Tatar Museum of Ethnography, st. Karaeva, 18 (in the building of the madrasah "Tekiye dervishes"). ☎ +7 (36569) 2-67-17. in winter 12:00 - 17:00, in summer 10:00 - 18:00. It consists of several small rooms, one of which recreates the atmosphere of the living quarters of the Crimean Tatars in the middle of the 19th century. It is lined with traditional household items of that time, wall towels and clothes are hung. Dervish and Sufi mannequins are installed. There are also workshops of traditional crafts: gold embroidery and calligraphy.

Museum of military glory of soldiers-internationalists (Museum of the war in Afghanistan), st. Demysheva, 134. ☎ +7 (36569) 6-24-60. 10:00–17:00. Museum of the events of the Afghan war at the city organization of veterans of Afghanistan.
Museum of World Sculpture and Applied Arts  , st. Belinsky, 1st century 10:00 - 22:00. 100 rubles, children 50 rubles. The main exposition of the museum is located in the open air. Collection of 24 exhibits. All sculptures of the museum are dedicated to the history of Evpatoria, Crimea and Ukraine. Jan 2020 edit
9 Museum "House of Wine", st. Buslaev Brothers, 30. ✉ ☎ +7 (36569) 2-81-88. 10:00 - 20:00. The entrance is free. Wine at a tasting 50-150 rubles / 50 g. A small museum, consisting of only one museum room, is dedicated to the history of winemaking in the Crimea. Ancient Greek finds related to the culture and use of wine. At the end, a wine tasting is held, where you can get acquainted with the best wines of the peninsula and their producers, learn about the origin of wine and its appearance in the Crimea.



Boat trips, pier Park Frunze. One-hour tour 500 rubles.
Large boats depart from the pier of Park Frunze. Private traders carry from 4th berth No. 46, (not far from Elias Church)

Ferris wheel (in the park on V. Tereshkova Embankment). from 10.00 to 00.00. adult ticket 200-250 rubles per round.

Dolphinarium, st. Kievskaya 19/20 (m / t6, 9 - stop sanatorium "Eaglet" or sanatorium "Priboy",  tm.2 - stop sanatorium "Eaglet",  tm.1 - stop "Turgostinitsa "Evpatoria""). ☎ +7 (36569) 2-70-99, +7 (978) 855-46-51. Show of marine animals Wed, Sat, Sun at 11:00 and 16:00, duration is just under an hour. 1000 rubles, children 600 rubles. Dolphins artistically dance, play ball with the audience, sing, draw, perform tricks with various equipment.

13 Donuzlav Base of Evpatoria Dolphinarium (35 km from Evpatoria in Izvestkovaya Bay of Donuzlav Lake). ☎ +7 (978) 855-46-54. Entrance to the base 200 rubles, swimming with a dolphin (10 - 12 minutes) 6000 rubles. A picturesque area, a well-maintained beach, a living corner, a cafe "MAEL". Lake Donuzlav is a marine salt lake. It has enclosures in which dolphins live. Every day except Monday you can swim with dolphins.

Aquarium  , st. Gorky, 5a/1 (Frunze Park). ☎ +7 (36569) 44373. 9:00–17:00. Adult 500 rubles, children 300 rubles, up to 5 years - free of charge. Large aquarium stylized as an underwater cave. Over 100 types of fish. In the center of the hall there is a massive outdoor pool where you can observe the largest inhabitants of the aquarium - fish of the sturgeon family.

Water park "Aqualand near Lukomorye", st. Kirov, 35 (Frunze Park). ☎ +7 (978) 98 111 11. 1300—1600 rub. There is a pool for adults with an average depth of 1.5 m, a children's pool with a depth of up to 0.5 m with a special non-slip bottom and heated water, a relaxation area with an Italian jacuzzi with comfortable hydromassage chairs, a complex for kids and teenagers with many fairy-tale characters and water guns. The main entertainment is seven slides of different lengths and extremes.

Park "Crimea in miniature", st. Kirova 34/42 (crossroads of Frunze and Demysheva streets). ☎ +7 (978) 0000745. May-September 09:00 - 22:00, October-April 09:00 - 20:00. Adult (from 13 years old) 600 rubles, children 400 rubles. The park collection includes 45 replicas of famous tourist sites on a scale of 1:25. Among them are all the Crimean palaces, figures "Motherland" (Kyiv) and "Statue of Liberty" (New York). During the evening hours of the park, you can see a light show for which 100,001 light bulbs were installed.

Entertainment complex "Coliseum". ☎ +7 (36569) 2-70-86, +7 (978) 79 39 353. There is a karaoke club, laser tag (120 rubles per player, game time 15 minutes), a fast food cafe and a pastry shop.
Cinema "Rocket", ave. Lenina, 3 (pl. Teatralnaya). ☎ +7 (36569) 3-64-21. 200-250 rub. In fact, the only fully functional cinema in the city.

Theater named after A.S. Pushkina Wikidata element, st. Lenina, 1. ☎ +7 (36569) 3-24-90. It was opened in 1910. The facade of the building is decorated in neoclassical style.
Children's theater "Golden Key"  , st. Barteneva, 1-5. ☎ +7 (36569) 3-25-73. 150 rub. Children's theatre. The repertoire of the theater now includes more than 20 performances. Surprisingly, the theater is closed during the summer holiday season.
Theater-studio of puppets "Puppets"  , st. International, 17. ☎ +7 (36569) 6-16-71. Fairy tales, show programs with puppets, as well as theatrical entertainment programs.



Along the embankment there are many tents with souvenirs. Everyday goods can be bought in small shopping centers, groceries - in small shops and rare supermarkets (the most common is the Pud network). There are frequent wine shops, including those selling on tap, there are interesting niche shops, for example, selling local dairy products or, for example, Crimean farm cheeses.

There are about thirty bank branches in the city, the largest of the banks represented are Rossiya Bank, Krayinvestbank, RNKB, MAST-Bank, Genbank. Regular office hours are Mon–Fri 9:00–18:00 (almost all are closed on weekends). There are many ATMs and currency exchange offices.

Collective farm market (Central). The main market of the city, food and clothing tents. Vegetables and fruits during the tourist season are almost at Moscow prices, but the quality is much higher.



Evpatoria is one of the centers of the Crimean culinary exotics. It is worth starting your acquaintance with the public catering of Yevpatoria with a cafe of Karaite cuisine, because nowhere else you will find anything like it. The best choice of dishes is in the cafe at the kenasse. Separate dishes like ufak asha (a broth with tiny dumplings) or buza (“kvass” made from millet) have penetrated the generalized Crimean cuisine, they are now served in every second cafe. Finally, chebureks, which the Karaites also consider their own, have become almost the brand of Evpatoria: they say that the best chebureks are made here.

As in most Russian Black Sea resorts, the most popular catering format is canteens.

1 Cafe "Oriental dishes", st. Dm. Ulyanova, 13 (central market: entrance either through the gates of the market, or - the first turn along Dm. Ulyanova street after the market). Samsa 70-120 rubles, first and second courses 100-150 rubles, you can take half a portion. Excellent samsa, lagman, pilaf, barbecue. Very tasty and cheap. Most likely, it is here that the best price-quality ratio among the establishments of the lower and, possibly, the middle price range. However, the atmosphere is spartan, more like a bar, there is no talk of any romantic atmosphere here, and if you need a place where you could sit comfortably, it is better to look for something else.
2 Cafe "Dairy", st. Revolution, 55. 8:00 - 20:00, closes earlier in the off-season. 60-120 rubles per dish. A canteen that has been operating since Soviet times, with all the necessary attributes: saleswomen in bonnets, stern looks, wooden wall decoration a la sauna. The food is at the level of a very good cafe (ratings on aggregators are at the level of premium Evpatoria restaurants). In the first hall - distribution with pastries, in the second - already the main meal.
3  Dining room from the cafe "Kerkinitida", st. Gorky, 1V. ☎ +7 (978) 823-90-18. 60-150 rubles per dish. The first floor is a dining room, the second is a cafe, and they should not be confused, because in no case should you go to a cafe (they cheat, deceive, etc.). The dining room is of quite acceptable quality, without any complaints from visitors. Yes, the food is not great, but this is the only place on the promenade with a sea view. With
✦  The network of canteens "Love-Carrot". Judging by the reviews, the quality of food can not boast.

Average cost
4   Cafe "Karaman", st. Karaimskaya, 68 (in the complex of the Karaite kenasa). ☎ +7 (36569) 33035. 12:00-20:00. Cheburek 70 rubles, second courses 150-400 rubles. Cafe of national Karaite cuisine. Delicious chebureks, for which there is often a queue on the street. In addition, here you can try sarma from leaves of 200-year-old grapes, kyofta with prunes, Karaite pie - yantyk, miniature dumplings khomur-dolma and, finally, halva with nuts. The food quality is slightly better than canteen. And often a large influx of visitors, depriving the institution of the last signs of comfort.
5 Vegetarian cafe "Goa", st. Revolution, 46/9. ☎ +7 (978) 863-39-49. Second courses 100-200 rubles. Vegetarian cafe with quiet relaxing music. Large selection of Indian dishes, desserts. The second part of the menu is completely at the mercy of meat-eaters, you can find the usual chops, dumplings, etc.
6   Cafe "Yoskin Kot"  , st. Prosmushkins, 34/27. ☎ 34 90 +7 (978) 856 34 90, 34 89 +7 (978) 856 34 89. 11:00 - 21:00. 150 - 400 rubles Cafe-museum of Jewish cuisine, located next to the Yegie Kapay synagogue. In the warm season, the summer veranda is open. Relatively good food, but there are only a few truly unusual dishes. The waiters and owners are a bit unfriendly. On Fridays there are Shabbat musical evenings.
7  Pizzeria "Pomidoro", st. Internationalnaya, 88 (inside the Fresh supermarket). ☎ +7 (36569) 25636. 10:00 - 23:00. 90 - 150 rubles. Very extensive menu, mostly Italian cuisine. Good pasta and pizza. As elsewhere, rather expensive sushi of average quality.

8 "Jeval" restaurant, st. Karaeva, 10. ☎ +7 (978) 856 54 74.10:00-24:00. Main dishes 400 - 900 rubles. A very atmospheric place with good Crimean Tatar food. The institution is popular and often it is packed to capacity, so you have to wait. Both the interior and the clothes of the waiters are made in the national style.
9  Literary Cafe them. A. Akhmatova  , st. Buslaev brothers (Anna Akhmatova passage), 21/16. ☎ +7 (36569) 4-43-07. 09:00 - 22:00. Main dishes from 300 rubles. One of the best establishments in the city. Good environment, delicious food. A popular place, there may be an influx of visitors. Piano plays in the evenings. Located in the house where Anna Akhmatova once lived.

10 Modern Restaurant, st. Revolution, 34. ☎ +7 (978) 110 10 02. 150 - 2700 rubles per dish. A classic restaurant with glasses on the tables, located in an old pre-revolutionary house. In the interior and cuisine, they try to follow that time, offering old Russian dishes. Lots of positive feedback. The restaurant has a small shop selling takeaway cakes, the quality of which is not so hot at all, and the prices are higher than in neighboring cafes.

Coffee houses
✦  Coffee house "Kezlev Kavesi" (on the second floor and around the fortress gates). ☎ +7 (36569) 4-32-30. Coffee 120-150 rubles, desserts 60-220 rubles. Crimean Tatar coffee house, designed in the national style. 15 varieties of coffee are offered, including branded coffees in Kezlev and Sultan style and desserts: Tatar baklava, kobete, kurabiye. From the end of June to September, excursions are held in the coffee shop, during which the ritual of the Crimean Tatar matchmaking is demonstrated.
11 Cafe Ponchitos, st. Karaev. 9:00 - 21:00. Coffee 60-120 rubles, desserts 25-100 rubles. A small five-table cafe with an alternative or even hipster vibe. Delicious cakes and teas at affordable prices. Musical groups perform every week, turn on the movie on the projector. The owner of the establishment receives guests on CouchSurfing.
12 Coffee bar Burdock, st. Karaeva, 2. ☎ +7 912 478-38-44. 8:00 - 21:00. Coffee 100-180 rubles, cakes 80-200 rubles. Stylishly decorated coffee shop. Good coffee and cakes, no other food available.


Night life

1  Vinoteka "Vinnaya Karta"  , Revolutsii Street, 58a. ☎ +7 (916) 524-31-68. Wine shop with several tables. You can buy wine by the glass, the main focus is on Crimean wines. There is not much space, but panoramic windows compensate for this.
2  Mafia Bar  , Dmitry Ulyanov St., 11V. ☎ +7 (978) 555-67-57. Hookahs, signature cocktails, live music.

Night clubs
3  Night club "Malibu"  , st. Gorky, 5, building. 1. Large club with three dance floors.
4  Night club "Lion Sea", st. Gorky, 5, lit.Z. The show program starts at 10 pm and lasts about an hour, after which the disco begins, mostly hits from the 80s and 90s.
5  Night club "Versailles"  , Lenina/Frunze st., 42/19. VIP-club in the building of the 4-star hotel Ukraine palace.



A budget alternative to a sanatorium vacation is renting housing in the private sector for daily rent. This can be easily done upon arrival in the city at the agents, during the season the whole city is full of advertisements for the delivery of their housing, cars with banners "I rent housing" stand on all key roads. At the same time, you can eat in city canteens or sign up for meals at the nearest sanatorium, and you can be treated with mud in the central hydropathic clinic (next to the Pobeda sanatorium), where you can sign up for many other procedures for cash.

Hotel prices vary greatly depending on the season: in the peak of the holiday season they are 1.5-2 times higher than in the low season. Below, almost everywhere, are the lowest prices valid in the off-season.

1 Hotel "Irina" (Former guest house "Irina"), st. Ivan Chepurin (Museum Lane) 4/2 (located in the historical center, right behind St. Nicholas Cathedral. 150 meters to the nearest concrete beach). ☎ +7 (36569) 28391, +7 (978) 074-67-47. Double from 600 rubles. Excellent location. Friendly staff. Excellent reviews. All rooms are equipped with refrigerators, there is also a shared kitchen with utensils and two gas stoves. Of the minuses: the Internet works only in public areas, cleaning is done only on request, sometimes they require an additional fee “for insurance” upon check-in.
2 Guest house "Grape Vine", st. Tatarskaya, 36. Double room 1600 rub. 600 meters from the nearest beach, shops, bars and restaurants within a radius of 500 meters. Shared kitchen, WiFi. The rooms have a private bathroom, TV.
3 "Golden Rybka" hotel, st. Simferopolskaya, 70. ✉ ☎ +7 (978) 888-1810. Double from 1700 rubles. Air-conditioned rooms feature a flat-screen TV and some have a kitchenette. Nearby there are restaurants and cafes. Wi-Fi only works in public areas.
4 Apart-hotel «DELUXE», st. Sytnikova, 16A (1 km from the Black Sea and the beach, railway station 350 meters). ☎ +7 (978) 074-67-47, +7 (36569) 28-494. Triple from 1600 rubles. Air-conditioned rooms with a TV, kitchen or kitchenette with microwave, dining area and refrigerator. Balcony overlooking the city. WiFi. There is a restaurant 300 meters from the hotel.
5  Motel "Higina", st. Chestnut, 31 (on the outskirts of Evpatoria in the private sector area far from the sea (15 minutes by car)). double from 1500 rubles. Good hotel, very hospitable hosts. Good numbers. But very far from everything, suitable only for guests with their own car.

Average cost
6  Hotel "On Skadronnaya", st. Skadronnaya, 10 (15 minutes walk to the city center, near the beach). ☎ +7 (36569) 9-69-11, +7 (918) 945-27-27, +7 (978) 774-74-46. Double from 2100 rubles. New furniture, spacious rooms. Positive reviews on the Internet. There is a billiards, spa and gym.
7  Guest house "Rainbow"  , st. Ivana Franko, 16a (10 min walk to the beach). ☎ 52 31 +7 (978) 008 52 31. Double from 1000 rubles, triple - 1500 rubles. Cozy atmosphere. Not everyone likes the beds in the establishment. No parking, poor internet signal. There is a shared kitchen with a kettle and a microwave. In general, not the worst option.
8 Union Hotel, Lenina Avenue, 17a (600 meters to the beach). ☎ +7 (36569) 63234, +7 (978) 729-01-01. Double 2000-3000 rub. Spacious rooms with kettle. WiFi. Excellent value for money. The hotel has a bowling alley, pool table, cafe and parking. Of the minuses: sometimes they charge more for the hotel than was stated when booking, they do not always issue a receipt, the noise from bowling can interfere in some rooms, poor breakfasts included in the price.
9 Hotel "Argo", st. Revolution 52a (50 meters from the beach). ☎ 55 35 +7 (978) 814 55 35. Double from 3100 rub. Cozy clean hotel. Friendly helpful staff. Good location close to the waterfront and central attractions. WiFi. The room has a TV, air conditioning and refrigerator.
10 Boarding house "Dolce Vita", st. Tokareva 6 (2km to the center of Evpatoria). ☎ +7 (36569) 6-07-29, +7 (36569) 6-00-53. Double room 2800 rubles, two-level suite 3200 rubles, meals additionally 900 rubles. Perfect feedback from visitors. Polite and friendly hosts. Cafe with excellent, delicious homemade food. The hotel has a garden with a covered terrace and a children's playground, where the teacher conducts interesting activities with children from 16:00 to 21:00. Great spacious rooms with private entrance. WiFi. Located 50 meters from a private beach, but it's really small and crowded. But there are other beaches nearby. There are many restaurants and nightclubs nearby. Of the minuses: the windows of the rooms overlook the bar, so it can be noisy, not the newest plumbing is also installed.
11 Hotel "Empire", st. Tokareva, 4b. ✉ ☎ +8 (499) 922-37-71, +7 (978) 036-66-48. Single room 1800 rubles, double room 2000 rubles, suite 2660 rubles. Good location 2 minutes walk from the beach, near a park, several cafes. Comfortable air-conditioned rooms with flat-screen TVs. Friendly girls at the reception. There is an indoor swimming pool, sauna, table tennis and billiards, children's playground. But very poor soundproofing, poor Wi-Fi signal, poor breakfast.

12 Ethnic hotel "Jeval", st. Karavaeva-Karaimskaya, 12/32. ☎ +7 (978) 856 54 74. Double room from 6500 rubles during the season, at other times from 3500 rubles. Premium high-level hotel with excellent rooms. The staff tries very hard, all requests and wishes are quickly satisfied. Cons: Poor soundproofing.
13 Family rest house "Chaliapin" (Former boarding house "Skazka"), st. Pushkin, 40. ☎ +7 (36569) 9-40-25. Double from 2600 rubles. Good location: close to attractions and sandy beach, 15 minutes walk - Dolphinarium. A complete renovation was carried out in 2015. Friendly staff. Often good reviews. You can additionally agree on three meals a day at an adequate price. Fast Wi-Fi, but some rooms may have signal quality issues. There is parking. Some, but not all rooms are air conditioned.
14 Russian Sea Hotel, st. Tokareva, 4 (40 m from the embankment and 80 m from the sea). Double from 5500 rubles. It is possible to organize a full board. Quiet, very friendly staff.
15 "TES-hotel", st. Pushkin, 16a. ✉ ☎ +7 (36569) 49120. Double from 2400 rub. The hotel is located almost on the waterfront, 50 meters from the sea. The hotel is relatively new. According to reviews, the furniture is not killed. There is an indoor heated pool, medical and sports center, sauna, restaurant.
16  Hotel "Peter"  , Gogol St., 15A. One of the best hotels in the city, with a very good Be Family restaurant.

In the country
17  Solnyshko Camping, Simferopol-Evpatoria highway (by minibus or taxi). 150 rub. per person plus 100 rubles. for the car. Nice place to camp with a tent. In addition, there are double and triple rooms. On the territory there are toilets, showers, a dining room, restaurants, a disco. This is part of a large hotel complex.



The local mobile operator "Win Mobile" and "MTS" of the Krasnodar Territory work, other Russian operators - in national roaming, Ukrainian ones - do not work (for more details, see the section Mobile operators in Crimea).


Precautionary measures

The risks traditional for resort towns and beach holidays should be taken into account. At the same time, Evpatoria is still calmer and safer.



The nearest cities are Saki, Simferopol, Chernomorskoe.

In the Saka direction
1  Lake Sasyk-Sivash. The largest lake in the Crimea with an average depth of half a meter, famous primarily for its salt and mud with healing properties. Since ancient times, active salt mining has been carried out here, in the 15th century it reached an industrial scale. At the end of summer, the lake acquires a red tint. It is curious that in translation from the Crimean Tatar language the name of the lake means "stinking mud".
2 Water park "Banana Republic", p. Coastal, st. Kalamitskaya, 14 (to get from Evpatoria - 15 minutes by any bus in the direction of Sak). ☎ +7 (6563) 2-89-26, +7 (978) 815-99-15. May-September 10:00 - 19:00, the rest of the year is closed. 1600-1700 rubles, children 1100-1200 rubles, children up to 90 cm tall are free. 25 attractions, 15 of which are for adults, including attractions with a height difference of 21 m, a large swimming pool. A bunk pool with 10 children's attractions and a swimming pool "Shar" were built for children. There are several places where you can have a bite to eat on the territory: 2 water cocktail bars, 2 fast food restaurants, Amigo cafe, Captain Blood restaurant.

West Coast
3 Greco-Scythian settlement "The Seagull", the village of Zaozernoe, st. Friendship Alley, 38 (7 km from the city, you can get there by any bus from Evpatoria to the village of Zaozernoye). The ruins of the Scythian quarter, residential dugouts, fortifications and a winery of complex engineering design. Wells similar to those of Chersonesus were dug here.
4  40th Separate command and measurement complex , pos. Vitino. Carries out spacecraft flight control, deep space exploration using its own telescopes and antennas. The two largest antennas are clearly visible from the surrounding area:
5 RT-70 radio telescope. A unique Soviet radio telescope, one of the largest in the world, almost 90 meters high and 70 meters in diameter. It has been operating since 1978, the main task is to observe the radiation of celestial bodies.
6  Museum of Sea Curiosities  , Shtormovoe village, st. Lenina, 8, apt. 29. ✉ 16:00 - 21:00. Several hundred snags, bottles, shoes, toys and other items raised by storms from the bottom of the sea and washed ashore. During the tour, visitors are asked to guess what exactly is in front of them. Master classes are held on making "marine curiosities" (clay, sand, algae, shells), painting sea pebbles.

Heading north
7  Mamaisky quarries. Closed quarry, where in the XIX century. quarried building stone. In those days, the quarry was not opened, but was developed underground. Now it is a whole system of passages, adits and narrow passages in which workers worked. Later, during the years of the civil war, the quarries were the base of the Evpatoria partisan detachment "Red Helmets". The object is worth visiting only with a guide who has experience and special equipment, as the passages go for many kilometers, and many of them are difficult to pass.



The ancient Greek settlement that existed on the site of present-day Evpatoria was called Kerkinitida (Greek: Κερκινίτις). In the early Middle Ages sailing directions on the shore of the Kalamitsky Gulf, the settlement of Karikintia is indicated. After the Crimean Khanate fell into vassalage from the Ottoman Empire in 1475, the entire Crimean coast was ceded to Turkey. A year later, on the site of ancient Kerkinitida, the Turks built a well-fortified fortress, which they called Gezlev, the Crimean Tatars Kezlev, and the Russians - Kozlov. After the Crimea became part of the Russian Empire, in 1784 the city was renamed Evpatoria in honor of the Pontic king Mithridates VI Evpator (in Greek - noble, born to a noble father), who saved Kerkinitida from Scythian raids.



The ancient Greek settlement that existed on the site of present-day Evpatoria was called Kerkinitida (Greek: Κερκινίτις). In the early Middle Ages sailing directions on the shore of the Kalamitsky Gulf, the settlement of Karikintia is indicated. After the Crimean Khanate fell into vassalage from the Ottoman Empire in 1475, the entire Crimean coast was ceded to Turkey. A year later, on the site of ancient Kerkinitida, the Turks built a well-fortified fortress, which they called Gezlev, the Crimean Tatars Kezlev, and the Russians - Kozlov. After the Crimea became part of the Russian Empire, in 1784 the city was renamed Evpatoria in honor of the Pontic king Mithridates VI Evpator (in Greek - noble, born to a noble father), who saved Kerkinitida from Scythian raids.


Physical and geographical characteristics

Evpatoria is located in the steppe, western part of the Crimean peninsula. The city stretches along the Evpatoria Bay of the shallow Kalamitsky Bay. The average height above sea level is 10 m. The length of Evpatoria from south to north is 12 km, from east to west - 22 km. Water resources - artesian wells of Ivanovsky, Chebotarsky, Alminsky-2 water intakes, city wells.

Distance from Evpatoria to large settlements (by road):
Simferopol ~ 65 km,
Black Sea ~ 71 km,
Bakhchisaray ~ 86 km,
Sevastopol ~ 109 km,
Krasnoperekopsk ~ 112 km,
Dzhankoy ~ 141 km,
Yalta ~ 154 km,
Kerch ~ 276 km,
Odessa ~ 458 km,
Donetsk ~ 591 km,
Kiliya ~ 665 km,
Izmail ~ 706 km,
Kyiv ~ 812 km,
Moscow ~ 1500 km,
Minsk ~ 1680 km,
Dnieper ~ 490 km,
Krivoy Rog ~ 390 km,
Sochi ~ 790 km



According to the results of the population census in the Crimean Federal District, as of October 14, 2014, the resident population of the city was 105,719 people. The population of the city is 88.6% of the population of the territory of the urban district of Evpatoria. At the height of the summer season, the population increases several times. Every year from 700 to 900 thousand people come for rest and treatment.