Adygeysk, Russia



Adygeysk (Adyg. Adygekal) is a city in the south of Russia, in the Republic of Adygea. This is the administrative center of the urban district, the city of Adygeisk, as an administrative-territorial unit (city of republican significance) with subordinate settlements, respectively, forms the Adyghe republican urban district.



It arose in the 1970s as a settlement for the builders of the Krasnodar reservoir and was named Adygeysk by the ethnonym of the people on whose land the construction was carried out. In 1976 it was renamed to the city of Teuchezhsk in honor of the folk poet-ashug Tsug (Tagir) Teuchezh. In 1990, the original name of Adygeisk was returned to the city.



The city is located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Adygea, near the southwestern coast of the Krasnodar reservoir of the Kuban River. It is located 95 km northwest of the republican capital Maykop and 15 km southeast of the city of Krasnodar. The area of ​​the city is 12.57 km2.

The federal highway M-4 "Don" runs along the western outskirts of Adygeisk. The road 79K-SH (Enem-Adygeisk-Maykop) runs along the northern outskirts. The nearest international airport is located in Krasnodar. The nearest railway station, Psekups, located on the North Caucasian railway line, is located 8 km south of the city.

It borders on the lands of settlements: Kazaz in the north, Gatlukay in the east, Psekups and Kochkin in the south and Chetuk in the west. In the northwest, the city is adjoined by ST (gardening farms) - Adygea, Druzhba, Zarya, Zdorovye, Kommunalschik, Elbrus and Yubileinoe.

The settlement is located in the flat zone of the republic. Average heights in the city are about 45 meters above sea level. The terrain is mostly slightly wavy, with a general slope from southwest to northeast. The differences in relative heights are insignificant. The central part of the city is occupied by a large city park.

The hydrographic network is represented by the rivers Chetuk (flowing west of the city) and Dysh (flowing east of the city). In the northwest, the city is adjacent to the Krasnodar reservoir.



The climate in the city is mild and temperate, where the proximity of the Black Sea plays an important role. The average annual air temperature is about + 11.5 ° С, and ranges from average + 23.5 ° С in July, to average 0.5 ° С in January. The minimum temperatures in winter are extremely rare below -10 ° С, in summer the maximum temperatures exceed + 35 ° С. The average annual rainfall is about 770 mm. Most of the precipitation falls in winter and early summer.



The city of Adygeysk is a resettlement city and has a tragic history. The chronicle of the city begins with the order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR dated June 22, 1967, 1737-r, which approved the design assignment for the construction of the Krasnodar reservoir.

The subsequent order of the Krasnodar Regional Executive Committee 743 of October 25, 1967 approved the general provision, which determined the procedure for the resettlement of the population from the basin of the reservoir. This man-made sea with a capacity of 3.1 million cubic meters was supposed to provide water to the rice systems of the Kuban and desalination fish-breeding estuaries, as well as to prevent floods from flooding the land in the lower reaches of the Kuban River.

In 1969, a new settlement was formed - the village of Adygeysk, to which residents of 13 settlements were resettled from the flood zone of the reservoir bowl - 1957 families (8145 people)

The villages of Lakshukai, Edepsukai-1, Edepsukai-2, Old and New Kazanukai, Shabanokhabl, Shahancheriekhabl, Leninokhabl, the villages of Mayak and Karmalino Kurgo and Kalinino were under the waters of the Krasnodar reservoir. The inhabitants of the villages of Tlyustenkhabl, Vochepshy, Tauikhabl, Kunchukokhabl, Neshukay, Pchegatlukay, Pshikuykhabl, Novo-Vochepshey and Gorodskoy villages were partially resettled in the new village.

On July 27, 1976, by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, the working settlement of Adygeysk in the Teuchezhsky district of the Adygei Autonomous Region was transformed into a city of regional subordination with a change of name to the city of Teuchezhsk - by the name of the ashug of Adygea Tsuga Teuchezha.

In April 1981, the city of Teuchezhsk became the regional center of the united (with the Oktyabrsky district) Teuchezhsky district.

On April 25, 1983, once again the Teuchezhsky district is divided into two - Oktyabrsky with the administrative center in the village of Oktyabrsky and Teuchezhsky with the regional center in the city of Teuchezhsk.

On September 26, 1990, by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR, the city was returned to its historical name Adygeysk.

In 1993, by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Adygea A. A. Dzharimov, a single governing body was formed - the administration of the city of Adygeysk and the Teuchezhsky district.

Within the new boundaries, the municipal formation "City of Adygeysk" was formed in 2000 after the administrative-territorial division with the Teuchezhsky district.

In 2001, the village of Gatlukay and the farm of Psekups were included in the city limits of the city of Adygeysk.

Since May 2002, the city of Adygeysk, in accordance with federal legislation and the legislation of the Republic of Adygea on local self-government, has been a municipal formation, which is endowed with the status of an urban district.



GBUZ Adygei interdistrict hospital "named after K.M. Batman" - st. Proletarian, 4.
City polyclinic of the urban district of Adygeysk.



MBUK Center of Folk Culture — pr-kt. Lenina, 21.
MBUK Centralized Library System — pr-kt. Lenina, 21.
MBUK Museum of Local Lore — pr-kt. Lenina, 21.
MBUK "Kinoset" - pr-kt. Lenina, 31.


Mass media

The weekly city newspaper "Unity" is published, which is circulated on the territory of the city district and covers the events taking place in it.



There are two mosques in the city.



The dominant position in the city's economy is occupied by the manufacturing industry, its share in the total volume of industrial production is 94%. The most developed production of soft drinks - 83% and chemical production - 7%.

The basis of the industrial potential of the city are enterprises:
Krasnodarzernoprodukt LLC (flour production)
LLC "Adyghe Dairy Plant" (production of milk and dairy products, including cheese (Adyghe))
Dermen LLC (production of bakery and confectionery products),
LLC "Extra" (production of dairy products and Adyghe cheese),
Mramor LLC (production of soft drinks),
LLC Beer and non-alcoholic plant "Asbir" (production of beer and soft drinks),
branch of the Vologda plant SKDM (production of metal structures for housing construction, prefabricated low-rise buildings),
LLC "Perlit" (production of artificial corundum),
Apeas LLC (sewing production),
Neftekhim LLC (sales of petroleum products)



The city has a regular route connection with the cities of Maykop, Krasnodar and Goryachiy Klyuch, as well as with the settlements of the Teuchezhsky district.