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Location: Yaroslavl Oblas  Map







Hotels, motels and where to sleep

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Description of Uglich

Uglich is a beautiful historic medieval town in Yaroslavl Oblast in Russia. Best known as the place of the mysterious death of Tsar Ivan Tsar, Prince Dmitry (May 15, 1591), Uglich picturesquely nestled on the high bank of the Volga, which collapses here at an almost right angle. Being one of the stops of the Volga cruises, the city adapts to the schedule of ships, throwing all its strength to serve tourists and especially enlivening for foreign guests. And in between, it is almost no different from small provincial cities with their unhurried measured life, taking place against the backdrop of pretty low-rise historic buildings, including even rare wooden wooden houses in Russia, and the same chamber, but rather dull Soviet heritage. No, there is one difference - the Volga! Still rather narrow, but already impressive with magnificent views of the ancient part of the city, the surrounding spaces and, oddly enough, the Uglich hydroelectric station.





Travel Destinations in Uglich

The Kremlin is located a few minutes walk from the pier, where cruise ships arrive along with the majority of tourists. Two main highways of the city, the Yaroslavskaya and Rostovskaya streets leading to Rostov, Yaroslavsky and Rybinskoe highways, lead to the Kremlin. The railway station is located about 3 km from the city center and the Kremlin. Monasteries and Posad churches are scattered over a small area and are within walking distance.

City information and tourist center, ul.Rostovskaya, 6. ☎ +7 (48532) 3-30-72


Of course, the main attraction of Uglich is the Kremlin, although here this name sounds too solemn: from the old fortifications and ancient buildings there was only a park with three remarkable structures, the oldest of which appeared in the XV century. In Uglich, several churches of the XVII century have been preserved, the most unusual of which is the three-tatre "Divnaya" church of the Alekseevsky Monastery. In addition to it, the main attractions of Uglich include the traditional form, but the very elegant Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist and the ancient Resurrection Monastery located next to it, the magnificent ensemble of which appeared thanks to the builder of the Rostov Kremlin, Ion, which is felt in the silhouette of the monastery. Quite a few houses of the 18th-19th centuries have been preserved in the historical center, most of them are concentrated around Uspenskaya Square, Yaroslavskaya Street and the 9th of January Street. But the main jewel of the city is the miraculously preserved wooden posad houses of three centuries ago. Like any rare beast, they hide from indiscreet glances in the depths of courtyards, invisible from the streets that were laid after their construction. First of all, these are the two oldest houses - the Mechovich-Voronin and the Kazimirovs, but, besides them, there will be more young representatives of the wooden, wooden-stone and stone houses.


Church of Prince Dmitry (Dmitri) "On the Blood" (Церковь царевича Димитрия "на Крови") (Uglich)


Prince Palace of Uglich Kremlin (Княжеские палаты Угличского Кремля) (Uglich)



Uglich Embankment



Uglich City Council

Transfiguration Cathedral (Спасо- Преображенский Собор) (Uglich)



Resurrection Monastery in Uglich


 Russian Central Museum of Hydro Energy, ul. Spasskaya, 33 (center, near the dam), ☎ +7 48532 2-40-66. Opened in 2006, this is one of the most exiting technical museums in Russia. It has 11 halls at 3 floors filled with interactive exhibition dedicated to water, electricity, dam building, hydropower, and its history in Russia. The museum also contains many items of machinery and equipment, such as hydrogenerators, turbines, gateways etc. Definitely worth seeing. Entrance 100 RUR, excursion in English 250-350 RUR






Get in
Uglich is located outside of major travel hubs and routes (and this makes this town more charming). The most suitable transit point for reaching the town is Moscow, having also the proximate airports; travel from Saint Petersburg is also possible.

By car
Going to Uglich by car is the most convenient travelling option, particularly if you are familiar with driving in Russia. Take the M8 highway from Moscow, turn to Sergiev Posad and continue with the regional P104 road. The total driving distance from Moscow to Uglich is 240 km.

Another option (especially for those who are visiting other Golden Ring destinations) is to take the M8 highway to Rostov Veliky, turning there left to the P153 road. Longer distance is compensated with a great monastery view at Borisoglebsky (18 km from Rostov Veliky).

Continue driving to the north from Uglich will bring you to Myshkin (30 km), Rybinsk (72 km), Cherepovets (255 km) and, finally, to Saint Petersburg (800 km).

Expect the lack or absence of bilingual signage everythere and use satellite navigation if possible.

By bus
Bus service to Uglich is relatively frequent and reliable. Most buses stop at the town's central bus station in the downtown (ul. Berggolts, 15A). You can reach the town from the following points:

Moscow (from the Central Bus Station at Schelkovskaya metro station, from Aeroport and VDNKh metro stations) - 2-3 times daily in business days, up to 7 times daily in weekends. 5 - 5.5 hours, 550 RUR one-way.
Yaroslavl (from the Bus Station with a stop at Yaroslavl Glavny train station) - 1-2 times per hour, 2.5 - 3 hours.
Myshkin - 10 times per day, 1 hour.
Rostov Veliky - 1 time per day (transit from Yaroslavl), 1.5 hours.
Rybinsk - 4-5 times per day, 1 hour 40 min.
Tver - 2 times per week (Fridays and Sundays).

By train
Uglich train station is located approximately 2 km away from the town center. The rail link to Uglich is a minor and deadlocked one, so do not expect Russia's usual relative conveniency of travelling by trains: here they are slow and irregular.

The town has overnight train connections with Moscow (9 hours) and Saint Petersburg (16 hours). Their schedule depends on season, so check the options carefully in advance. A single one-way ticket from Moscow costs 470 RUR (only 3rd class is available).

Adventurous travellers can also use an option of travelling from Saint Petersburg through Bologoye - the midpoint station between Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Trains from Bologoye proceed to Uglich 3 times a week, a ride takes 9 hours.

There is also a local commuter train going to Uglich from Kalyazin (daily June–September, 2-3 times a week off-season).

By boat
As a riverine historical town, Uglich is included into the Volga cruise routes. In the summer the pier of Uglich is quite a busy place supplying the town with new and new portions of tourists. You can buy a cruise tour and join them, but do not expect any regular ship connections to use.


Transport around the city
There is a city bus network, but, most likely, it will not come in handy, since all the main attractions of the city are located near the center. Fare - 12 rubles (2014)


Hotels, motels and where to sleep

Uglich offers a good variety of places to stay. If you are going to visit the town in a summer weekend, book your accommodation in advance. English-speaking staff can be available in more expensive hotels only (Moskva, Volgskaya Riviera).

Fleur (Флер), Selivanovsky pereulok, 9, ☎ +7 48532 5-73-83, +7 910 968-11-11, e-mail: Mini-hotel with 12 guest rooms. Single from 1,200 RUR, double from 1,500 RUR.
Uspenskaya (Успенская), Uspenskaya Square, 3, ☎ +7 48532 5-18-70, +7 903 638-34-24, fax: +7 (48532) 2-39-01, e-mail: Very centrally located (right opposite the entrance to the kremlin) and very reasonably priced. Single from 900 RUR, double from 1,300 RUR.

Hotel sanatorium "Uglich" DUK (house of scientists and consultants), Krasnoarmeysky Blvd. 13. ☎ +7 (48532) 5-30-45, +7 (48532) 5-74-58. from 650 rubles per day. It is located 15 minutes walk from the historical center, but the road along the Volga embankment along shady alleys is completely burdensome. There are no canteens and cafes in DUK, however there is a kitchen with dishes, stove, refrigerator and microwave oven. Five to seven minutes walk is a modern supermarket. Better places to book. Free wifi.
Youth hostel of Uglich Industrial Pedagogical College, January 9, 42. ☎ +8 (910) 666-82-11, +8 (905) 136-67-00, +8 ( 910) 971-41-50. from 400 rub. day. The hostel is located in the historic center of Uglich, not far from Uspenskaya Square, five steps from the Resurrection Monastery and the Hydropower Museum on the banks of the Volga. Accommodation is offered for groups of students, students and all those who are interested in economical accommodation. There are 30 beds with 4 and 6 bed accommodation with private facilities on the block, kitchen on the floor, a cozy dining room in the next college building on the 1st floor, excursion and transportation services.
Hotel "Uglich", Yaroslavskaya Str., 50. ☎ +7 (48532) 5-03-70. 350 rub. single economy room Hotel "sovkovogo" (soviet style) level. The rooms are not particularly comfortable, but despite this, the hotel is quite popular with tourists. The building houses a restaurant "Lada", bowling, billiards, ATM 24 hours.

Chayka (Чайка), Zavodskoy proezd, 1A, ☎ +7 48532 5-18-18, fax: +7 (48532) 5-18-14. A bit out of the town center edit
Hotel Moskva (Москва), ul. Ostrovskogo, 7, ☎ +7 48532 4-14-15. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: 12AM. Run by Intourist Hotel Group, this is one of the best places to stay in Uglich. Excellent location (the bank of the Volga river, city center), 2-3 star rooms, a restaurant with a terrace, and a pool. Bike rental is also available. Single from 2,250 RUR, double from 2,500 RUR. Winter discounts.

Volgskaya Riviera (Волжская Ривьера), Uspenskaya Square, 8, ☎ +7 48532 9-19-00, +7 495 764-77-40. This 4-star hotel is the most comfortable and expensive in Uglich. It is classically designed and ideally located at the high Volga bank nearby the kremlin. There are 80 rooms (from standard to suite), a restaurant, a lobby bar and a SPA center with a pool. Single from 2,600 RUR, double from 3,120 RUR.


Restaurant, taverns and where to eat



Cultural (and not so cultural) events



Interesting information and useful tips

The city has telecom operators MTS, Beeline, Megafon.




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