Death Valley (Долина Смерти, Өлүү Чөркөчүөх)

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Location: Yakutia  Map

1825- 1886


Description of the Death Valley

Yakuti natives explain the appearance of these structure in their legend called "Oloncho". This story tells about strange events that happened in the skies over taiga forest. The sky suddenly went black. A huge monster by a name of Usumi Tong Duurai descendent on Earth. He caused hurricane with numerous lightings that began to destroy everything in the river valley. The Earth shook from strange bursts and flashes in the sky. Once it stopped the valley of the Viluy river was black and barren. Several hunters saw something shining at the bottom by the river. Few young hunters went to check what it was, but no one returned home. The valley was proclaimed as cursed and was abandoned by people. Kids were told not to venture in these lands or they would die, struck by unseen enemy.

Several years after this tragic even Yakuti hunters heard a loud explosion in the valley. They didn't see what it was, but whatever it was it produced a massive hurricane of fire and smoke that reached their homes within seconds. Many were killed. Those who did survive were struck by a strange illness. They lost all their hair. Their skin was covered by blisters. Apparently this strange disease was passed to the subsequent generations of the survivors.


Legends and stories of Yakuti people eventually reached Russian capital of Saint Petersburg. The first official exploration of these strange objects and the valley itself was undertaken in 1853 by a Russian scientist Richard Karlovich Maack was sent here by the Russian Geographic Society. Despite large sum of money that he offered to local tribes, he found few volunteers who would offer him help. He reported almost religious fear in local people who did not dare to walk inside the Death Valley. Eventually he did find several guides who helped him to reach these strange artifacts and even shared their experience with him. These few brave souls that dared to venture inside these huge pots through low arches, claimed that they saw a stairwell that led to metallic rooms. Some of these rooms even had some strange humanoid like creatures with one eye and covered in metallic clothes. None of them took a closer look at these alleged bodies since most of them were pretty scarry and they tried to abandon the saucer as soon as they could. On the left picture you can see a copy from one of the drawing that Russian explorer made from the words of eye witnesses. They claimed that warmth inside these strange formations were kept "since summer". You could be inside a pot for a very short period of time. Those who spent too much time inside usually had symptoms of nausea, vomiting, skin blisters and on many occasions their hair fell out. Given the fact that the description was given by natives in the 19th century it is suprising how close these symptoms are actuall symptoms of radiation poisoning.


Maack also reported a strange anomaly. The grass and shrubs that surrounded this strange artifact were much taller than other plants that were just hundred feet away. Local guides explained that even during winter this pot is fairly warm to touch. He also described a strange black rock that had polished surface and was capable of cutting glass. Unfortunately Maack lost this unique finding during crossing of one of the rivers so we can only take his word into account.


Maack also made some interesting sketches after seeing these strange objects in personal including one drawing where he showed apparent edge of one of these saucers next to one of his guides on a caribou deer. Richard Maack reported that these objects need to be removed as soon as possible since many of simply sank into Siberian permafrost thus greatly decreasing chance that they will ever be found by subsequent generations. Geographic society for some reason ignored his request or simply didn't find proper funding for such expedition.


These are not the only reports of the unknown saucers hidden in the forests of Siberia. In 1949 M.P Koreckiy visited this location to look for gold. "I noticed that the growth of grasses around these pots is abnormal. It is reaches a height of a grown man. We took refuge in one of the these pots. We didn't feel anything. However one of my friends lost all his hair in the subsequent three months. My left side of the head (I slept on it) was covered by painful nodules several millimeters each. I still can't heal them. I tried to break off a small piece of the pot, but I couldn't even leave a mark on a surface of these pots".


There have been few attempts to find these discs in the past few decades. It is fairly hard given the extreme weather and desolate location. Few locals venture there so few people actually saw them with their own eyes. However several disks were seen from the low flying airplanes. Additionally several perfect round small lakes were found in the region by the explorers on foot. There haven't been any scientific attempts to study these strange lakes, but it seems that Maack's words came true. Several of these pots did sink into Siberian permafrost. Almost all explorers who visit the Death Valley on foot and spend too much time in the valley come down with similar symptoms of various degrees including headaches, nausea and vomiting. High radiation levels were detected by Geiger counter so this might explain strange sickness. However what is the cause of this phenomena and who brought these pots here is still unknown. The Death Valley still remains a mystery.